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We’re the Trusted, Independent Advisors to Healthcare Payer Executives During Mission-Critical Technology Implementations

Want to get your system integrator & software vendors operating in harmony to drive the end results you’re looking for? You’re in the right place.

5 Times Clients Call Us


A complex technology initiative — gain delivery confidence


Spending money without progress — identify critical gaps & mitigate risks


Over-reliance on vendors — leverage outside experts to help you reclaim your project


Risks and problems that are costly to solve — gain new insights & perspectives to find solutions that work


Time and resource constraints — additional expert support to ensure project success

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you or are you concerned about experiencing them in the future? You’re not alone, we’re here to help.

Our Difference


Positioning you to move forward with confidence — assessments, planning, knowledge, skills, preparation, tools & processes for focus, readiness & engagement


When things go wrong, and they do — we have a wide variety of tools & processes in place to get you to the finish line


Realizing exceptional outcomes and organizational transformation, sustained by ongoing education, and monitoring goal performance management